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SCENIC Cruises on KING’S BAY & THE Crystal River

Naturalistic Photography Excursions

For Professional and Amateur Photographers

  • Still photography and/or videography for those who are looking for Florida wildlife: birds, dolphins, otters, sea turtles,
    and manatees. Waterscapes: plants, trees, sunrises,
    sunsets. All these sights and more are possible.
  • Using a stable, quiet, and shaded watercraft allows you to
    have the opportunity to see and record on your
    preferred form of media.
  • You will be accompanied all day by an accomplished nature and
    landscape photographer who understands lighting
    and positioning of a shot – taking care not to disturb
    wildlife and skilled in the handling of watercraft and
    making sure all aboard are safe.
  • Excursions all take place in what is known as the Nature
    Coast of Florida. We will depart from the location
    that is most suited for the outing.
  • $500 for one or two people.
  • We do not swim or photograph manatee from underwater
    as this often leads to an unnatural environment for
    this gentle creature.

For more information, or to book an excursion, contact Earl Waters at 352.302.0359 – [email protected]